Cyber Monday blog post image.With the holiday shopping season’s biggest day, Cyber Monday, less than a month away, it's time for eCommerce stores to review their configurations and make a few key optimizations to benefit from this busy time of year. According to Business Insider 2014’s Cyber Monday sales eclipsed 2013’s totals by nearly 9%, and that growth is expected to continue in 2015. Every eCommerce website can benefit from a review of their storefront and systems in November and these quick configuration changes could be the catalyst to driving online sales.

Implement Holiday Specific SEO Keywords

In advance of the holiday season, define a new list of holiday specific keywords for your eCommerce store. These keywords should be distinct to the holiday season and highlight your store’s holiday shopping options. Once your keyword list has been created, begin publishing content with them as soon as possible, as it takes time for search engines to index the new content. By having your holiday keywords in place by early November, your store can begin to harvest holiday customers before your competition can.

Review Page Load Times

If your store is planning for a large holiday shopping season, be sure to review your server’s resources to have an understanding of how much traffic can be managed at any moment during the holiday rush. If your server’s resources are nearly taxed during a standard Saturday in September, it may not be ready to manage Black Friday or Cyber Monday crowds. Review your hardware or ask your IT department for a report on your store’s traffic and your server’s resource usage. If needed, request an increase (even if temporary) in your server’s bandwidth to keep your business online.

Offer a Special Holiday Discount

If your store is planning a special Cyber Monday shopping discount, start advertising it on your landing page as soon as possible. Many prospective customers will visit your store in advance of making a purchase to look around the store and scope out products they would like to order over the next couple of days or weeks. By prominently advertising an upcoming shopping discount on your landing page these visitors will be much more likely to return and follow through on their purchase. Window shopping increases in the month leading up to Cyber Monday, so be sure to capitalize on as much of it as you can.

Set Up a Remarketing Ad Campaign

If you shop online, you've probably seen an ad show up for the site or product you were searching, while on another website. This type of paid ad campaign is known as retargeting - or remarketing, in Google AdWords - and it can deliver strong results at a low cost. An advantage of paid campaigns is that they can be set up and running within a day. The process includes setting up an advertising account with your desired platform (Google, Bing, Facebook, for example), adding a snippet of javascript code to your website, and creating display ads for your campaign. After you've determined the target audience for your campaign, your ads will be delivered to your previous site visitors. It's a cost-effective way to support brand awareness and directly increase conversions.

Based on Cyber Monday trends over the past decade, this year’s should be the largest, and most profitable, yet. With more and more consumers turning to eCommerce websites to complete their holiday shopping lists, your store’s potential transaction total could be larger than ever before. Be sure your business is ready by reviewing your systems and optimizing your content to capture traffic and turn it into orders.


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