Magento website modifications image.Maryland China is an eCommerce client with a simple, streamlined landing page that draws visitors into their wares with efficient navigation through a strong layout. They have coupled together several design and development essentials to maximize their website’s chance of capturing repeat visitors and sales. By following Magento’s best development practices and making some targeted user experience (UX) adjustments, Maryland China has positioned themselves to capitalize on as much of their traffic as they can.

Strong Categorization of Products

Every one of Maryland China’s products is categorized into a parent category before being further compartmentalized into subcategories. Any category and subcategory can be accessed directly from the navigation bar with a single click thanks to a reactive main menu. With such a large quantity of products Maryland China’s categorization is a key part of their store’s success. It allows visitors, even first timers, to use this hierarchy to find exactly what they’re looking for. If your store’s navigation is logical and reasoned visitors will be able to browse your merchandise autonomously using the website’s comfortable structure.

Prominent Search

Despite the strong product navigation present on Maryland China’s landing page, some visitors forgo the menus, preferring instead to search directly for products. By placing the search bar at the top of the webpage, Maryland China encourages its use by making it easy to find. The search bar’s placeholder content prompts a visitor to query by keyword or item number to help return the best, and most relevant, results.

Maryland China on mobile devicesResponsive Design

Maryland China’s website was built responsively, which means that it will look great to any visitor whether they’re on a desktop computer, tablet device, or mobile phone. By investing in responsive design, Maryland China is able to deliver a polished experience to every guest that conveys a sense of caring and respect for their visit. Magento is not responsive by default, but Community version 1.9 and Enterprise version 1.14 include a responsive reference theme that should be used to maximize the mobile UX.

By focusing on the framework that powers their website, Maryland China has created an easily navigable eCommerce store that drives revenue from its traffic by allowing visitors to find exactly what they want. Have any questions about your Magento store? Contact us today.


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