Drupal publication image.Drupal is a web content management system (CMS) that configures your website files to its database(s) and wraps everything together within a theme for endusers to access. While numerous CMSs can be used Drupal is, as of the writing of this post, the third most popular option behind WordPress and Joomla! with a 5% market share. Despite its third place ranking Drupal is routinely chosen for online content and traffic behemoths including weather.com, the NBA, and The Grammys. Electrical Contractor Magazine, a publication client of ours, produces monthly magazines and uses Drupal to manage their online publication and make its content pop.

Dynamic Landing Page

Electrical Contractor’s landing page houses a wealth of content that is compartmentalized into sections that are useful for their audience such as Featured Stories, Recent Articles, and Featured Products. Drupal empowers the publication to set any article as a Featured Story through a content configuration that automatically populates the new content into the Featured Story slider. This allows Electrical Contractor’s editors to house their most popular articles within an interactive slider that prints above the fold - prime real estate for generating user clicks. Their main menu, sidebar elements, and footer enable users to navigate through the website and locate the information they’re looking for.

Extensible Framework

The Drupal framework can’t create a landing page similar to Electrical Contractor’s without custom development and design. However, popular landing page functionality can be replicated by using a combination of contributed modules thanks to the Drupal community. Contributed modules are pieces of code created by other Drupal users to accomplish specific or targeted functionality beyond the core framework. These code snippets can be integrated into your Drupal installation to extend your website in more than ten thousand different directions. Both the Featured Stories rotator and the Current/Past Issues sidebar block are powered by a contributed module from the Drupal community.

Content Cataloging

Drupal’s default categorization is a powerful piece of the framework that allows Drupal to recognize, differentiate, and understand the various types of content on your website. Electrical Contractor catalogs their content into repositories specific to categories such as Codes & Standards, Safety, Lighting, Residential, etc. Once a category is defined in Drupal the technology creates a page that displays every piece of content tagged with the class - for example, Codes & Standards. With a combination of modules, custom code, and/or templates these category pages can be structured and themed to attract interest and clicks.

Drupal is a fantastic option for your online publication because the framework and the community behind it are all working towards the same goal - being the most versatile CMS on the planet. With eight different releases, over 30k modules, almost 100k active users, and more than one million active installations, Drupal and its resources are ready to make your publication pop. Got a question about Drupal? Contact us today.

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