Nonprofit landing page impact image.The landing page of your nonprofit organization (NPO)'s website is the most frequently visited page of your website. The landing page's layout, and the strategy behind it, is an important component of your website and organization's success. This means a successful landing page will identify your organization, demonstrate its branding, and entice a visitor to explore further. Common elements of strong landing pages include navigation menus, direct links to content, and interactive components that attract eyes and attention. These elements are all seen on the landing page of one of our most successful member-driven NPOs, The United States Naval Institute.

Memberships Are Prominently Advertised

If your NPO is member-driven, be sure that your landing page leads visitors toward becoming a member. In fact, this point is so important that it should print on every page of your website. Memberships should be advertised above the fold and reinforced again at the bottom of the page. The most impactful membership callouts link directly to the cost of membership and, for those interested, a checkout form. The Naval Institute accomplishes all of this with their "Join Now" call to action in the site's header, and again in the footer.

Interactive Elements Draw Eyes

Having an interactive element on your landing page is a great way to draw attention to various parts of your NPO's website. Websites have made use of sliders for years to display a wealth of content above the fold and introduce visitors to content they may otherwise have missed. Other popular interactive elements include menus that react to mouse hovers. This is especially useful for deep menus that contain children and grandchildren links. The Naval Institute's landing page includes both a reactive menu and a content slider above the fold that beg for user interaction.

A Wealth of Content is on Display

Having direct links to content on your landing page is important because not every visitor is going to be savvy enough to find what they're looking for through a navigational menu. Laying out content within categorized blocks on your landing page is a popular starategy to help visitors, especially first-timers, find what they're looking for. The Naval Institute accomplishes this on their landing page with the help of interactive accordion slides that expand and display teaser text when clicked on.

Your landing page is your website's public front. Every element on your landing page, especially those above the fold, should have a purpose to further your NPO's mission and encourage users to explore. A strong, thoughtful landing page layout will keep visitors coming back for more.


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