eCommerce developer image.If your eCommerce store has been successful without a dedicated developer on staff then you might not see an immediate benefit to employing outside help. However, as many eCommerce website administrators can attest, there comes a point where technical, dedicated, eCommerce hands are needed. This technical tipping point occurs at different times for every website and administrator, but here are four junctures where hiring a dedicated eCommerce developer makes sense.

1. Mobile eCommerce Optimizations

More than $204 billion were spent on mobile commerce in 2014 and that number is expected to jump to $626 billion by 2016 according to Internet Retailer. If your eCommerce store is only desktop browser focused this revenue will be difficult for your website to capture, as most mobile visitors will choose to take their business elsewhere. Non-mobile optimized eCommerce stores limit the number of consumers that will complete an order on your website and it’s a valuable optimization to make .

2. Data Security

eCommerce websites are major targets for anyone looking to steal valuable consumer information. eCommerce servers and databases communicate credit card numbers, expiration dates, and CVV2 numbers that can put your customers at risk of monetary loss and/or identify theft. Juggling protection against intruders, PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance, and security patches is a ton of defensive work, and outsourcing these technical tasks to a knowledgeable developer is a website’s best first step.

3. KPIs to Monitor

How do you define your eCommerce website’s success? For many simple stores success is linked directly to their revenue. However, many other factors can, and should, be calculated into the definition of success, like Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Website traffic, conversion rates, average order size, and returning customer frequency are all factors that should impact an eCommerce store’s definition of success. By having KPIs in place a business owner can have a much better understanding of their store’s success because more eCommerce factors are accounted for.

4. Revenue Justifies the Investment

When your eCommerce store is generating enough income to employ a dedicated developer, it is generally a good idea to hire one. The sooner a developer can get into your eCommerce store the quicker a return on investment (ROI) is tangible. From security to KPIs, these development items grow in value the sooner they are in place. If your website is generating enough income to add a dedicated developer - do so.

Having access to dedicated technical hands is priceless when something goes wrong with an eCommerce store. Since eCommerce websites can only bring in revenue when they're up and running, being able to turn to a knowledgable developer is an invaluable resource. An experienced eCommerce developer can resolve your store's biggest hurdles and play superhero when needed. Interested in learning how you could improve your website? Conact us today and an eCommerce expert will be happy to discuss your goals.


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