Nonprofit website screens.Does your nonprofit organization’s (NPO) website inspire confidence in your organization and does it support your mission? It needs to. Many NPOs struggle with drawing visitors to their site and capitalizing (monetarily or otherwise) on that traffic. If your organization’s website has fallen behind expectations then a review of the site may be necessary. Read on to learn how to solve the biggest and most common problems plauging NPO websites.

We Have a Disconnect Between Organization and Website

It is imperative that your website aligns closely with your organization’s mission. Interested parties, especially first time visitors, are using your website to determine your NPO’s legitimacy and their take away will affect their involvement with your organization. Run through a review of your website to be sure that it is kept up-to-date and current alongside your NPO’s evolution.

  1. Ensure that your organization’s contact information on your website is accurate.
  2. Blog, or otherwise routinely produce fresh content, to show your organization's commitment to its mission.

We Don’t Convert Often Enough

Online conversions are critical for NPOs. If your organization is not currently tracking online conversions, invest some time into reviewing your website’s key functions and begin recording your conversions. These metrics will give you and your organization a powerful look into how your website is, or isn’t, supporting your mission. If your online conversion rates are less than expected, try incorporating some of these suggestions into your website.

  1. Optimize your webforms with an emphasis on ease of use.
  2. Feature Call To Action buttons prominently on your webpages.

We Are Unable to Capitalize on Potential Donors

A major reason many NPOs invest in getting a website set up and launched was the possibility of generating online donations around the clock. However, many administrators end up simply getting frustrated by a lack of activity from their donation forms. If your organization’s website is generating traffic but little or no donations, why might that be? Review your webpages and correct these common problems that prevent visitors from donating.

  1. It is difficult for a first time visitor to understand how to donate to your organization.
  2. Your website makes visitors feel insecure about handing over their credit card information.
  3. Your donation form is too difficult to use, or it takes too much time or effort to complete.

Completing online conversions and getting website visitors to donate are tasks that require a ton of prep work and a little bit of luck as well. However, your organization can spot itself in an advantageous position by reviewing its website and making some targeted adjustments.