Online ConversionsAn online conversion is when a website visitor takes a specific action that you, the website’s administrator, want. Successful websites, not just eCommerce stores, track online conversions and make concerted efforts to increase their conversion rate. An online conversion could be as simple as submitting a Contact form or as complex as completing a transaction using PayPal.

Online Conversions Are Important to Every Website

A common misconception about online conversions is that they are only relevant to eCommerce websites, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Numerous user actions across different types of websites can be counted as a conversion, including newsletter signup, account registration, or webform submission.

If your website does not sell any products or services the sorts of online conversions listed above are important to track because they will give you an understanding of your website’s effectiveness. While an eCommerce administrator can point to their sales totals to define a successful day of business an informative website will need different quantifiable metrics to define success. By having a list of online conversions to monitor any website administrator can determine the success of their efforts.

Upsell Your Conversions

Your website’s online conversion list should be ordered in hierarchical fashion from the biggest wins to the smallest victories. So, whenever a visitor completes a conversion on your list, see if you can capitalize on that momentum to complete another conversion higher up on the list. If a visitor to your website fills out your Contact form, follow up and see if there was anything else you could help or provide them with. Better yet, employ a checkbox to ask if they’d like to sign up for your newsletter before submitting the Contact form.

Not All Visits Have the Potential to Convert

It would be foolhardy to expect every visitor to your website to complete an online conversion. There will be plenty of visitors to your website that land there accidentally and quickly leave and others who leave after only taking a short look around. It is important to divert your focus away from these “unobtainables” and rather focus your conversion efforts on the visitors who stick around for longer than thirty seconds. These are your prime candidates for completing conversions and you should do everything possible to help them take an action or two. Your key conversion items should be easy to find and easier to use, the first two steps towards increasing your conversion rate.

Creating a list of targeted online conversions will help you get a better understanding of what your website does great and what it does poorly. An honest and unbiased appraisal of your website’s impact can only be determined by collecting metrics and gathering enough data to understand how real people use your website. Defining and monitoring your online conversions will help you do just that.


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