When choosing a software to develop your eCommerce store the options can seem overwhelming and daunting at first. Some options are hosted by the provider, and others must be hosted on your own hardware, and their costs range from free to hundreds of dollars a month. Our preference continues to be Magento for its robust features and functionality that empower any business to grow their online revenue. Here are three reasons Magento should be your first choice for eCommerce development.

Cost Competitive

Magento is an open source platform that empowers companies of all sizes to cost-effectively get eCommerce functionality. Unlike many other eCommerce platforms Magento offers both a free version available for use by anyone (Community Edition) and a premium pay for use version (Enterprise Edition). Magento's Community Edition works great for many eCommerce use cases, especially smaller shops; larger merchants may prefer opting to use the Enterprise Edition for the additional features and power it offers. Additionally, if your website has a dedicated developer, Magento can be manipulated to add features or functionality beyond what is included in a stock deployment. Magento's website also features a library of extensions, both free and pay for use, that can be added to your eCommerce store to enhance functionality (no dedicated developer needed).

The Customer Experience

Magento’s shopping experience, out of the box, sets the bar for eCommerce functionality and marketing capabilities. Product images and product reviews are included in a standard installation, as is the ability to cross promote and upsell items throughout your store’s inventory. Customers can zoom-in on product photos for enhanced views of potential purchases, improving a customer’s confidence level in your online product offerings. All of these standard features combine to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

SEO Prioritization

The development team behind Magento certainly knew about the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) because Magento comes bundled with some great SEO tools included. These optimizations will help your website administrators promote your eCommerce store and, hopefully, get it listed highly on various search engine results pages (SERP). Meta tags, including Title, Description, and Keywords, can be configured for every product, giving your eCommerce team significant control over how search engines interpret your store’s product offerings. Magento also comes pre-baked with Google Sitemap installed, giving your team an easy avenue to instruct search engines what products or services are included within your website.

Every eCommerce store has different needs, but Magento is better built to deliver on a store's needs than most other options available. If you're undertaking a new eCommerce project, or upgrading an existing eCommerce store, be sure to give Magento serious consideration. If you have questions on whether Magento might be right for you, contact us. We'd be happy to help.


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