There are many different ways to build a website. In this blog post, we’ll explore the different tactics organizations typically take when deciding how to build and maintain their web presence and how a web management service can really work for most businesses – saving them time and money.

The Ron Popeil Effect

Many organizations take the “set it and forget it” approach, fixing only known breaks and performing routine updates following a launch. Often times, these tasks fall to an internal resource, such as your systems admin who is also responsible for maintaining the organization’s network, computers, and much more. Essential upgrades can be overlooked by an over-tasked IT resource. Some web development firms offer very low ongoing support plans to ensure bug fixes and security patches are installed to at least protect your site from known threats. This is the very least you should do if you want to keep your web presence online. This kind of support is fine if you are also fine with redesigning your site every two years (or being behind the rest of your competitors should you choose not to).

Web Management Service

Web Management Service gives you the support we mentioned above, but it also allows you to grow your site incrementally. This way, you’re keeping pace with innovation and expanding your web presence to meet your evolving business goals. So, sign me up, right? Not so fast. These offerings may operate differently with different firms and it’s essential to understand the differences that exist so you can choose the partner that is right for you.

Some agencies offer web management services (or a similar package) as a straight retainer where maintenance and a certain scope of upgrades are performed. Often times, hourly rates are charged against this retainer for the level of talent accessed. Similarly, some firms will assign very junior talent to complete this work. With a comprehensive Web Management Service plan, you should be looking for a blended rate where you have full access to all levels of talent at the same rate monthly. At Unleashed Technologies, for instance, when a client signs up for our Support and Growth package, they can work with the Creative Director and Graphic Designers one month and our hosting experts and solutions architects the next and not see a shift in pricing or the number of hours they have to accomplish their goals each month. Organizations that choose web service management for their websites can:

  • Maintain all site updates and security patches
  • Continuously grow their website as new technology emerges
  • Perform enhancements on the website that might not have been in the initial budget or scope
  • Avoid regular redesigns and evolve their site as their organization evolves
  • Extend their in-house resources to get more done without hiring additional staff
  • Have a sustainable monthly budget to get everything done

There are a wide range of web management service packages available and many different firms offer different versions of this way of working. It’s essential that you speak to any potential partner firm and assure that their plans work with your business and expectations for the web. Web management service can be a huge win for your web presence if undertaken with the right partner.

If you’re interested in learning more, we’d love to chat with you to see if our Support and Growth packages are a fit with your organization. Contact us here.


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