Shameless self-promotion: I will be on the PHP Roundtable podcast February 22nd!  The show will cover GitHub, contributing to open source, and other related topics.  You can watch live or view the post-show recording on YouTube. 

Anyway, here’s this week’s roundup:


Google Domains launches to all in U.S.

Lessons learned from the big rewrite

Backdrop CMS v1.0.0 released

CISPA is reintroduced as HR 234


Abusing CSS3’s nth-child selector to invent new ones

Why we banished the hamburger menu

6 tips for a smooth hand-off from designer to developer

Online games for designers

Text input effects


Hexagonal architecture

WTF are service contracts (Magento 2 edition)

Integrating issue tracking systems with PhpStorm

Modernizing legacy applications in PHP: review

Drupal Console

New in Symfony 2.7: Twig as a first-class citizen

Security & System Administration

DevOps tutorial: Setting up a modern web stack on Ubuntu

Macs vulnerable to virtually undetectable virus that “can’t be removed”

AWS tips I wish I knew before I started

Systemd for upstart users

Humor & Offbeat

CommitStrip: The right tool for the right job

CommitStrip: Side-project

NHL network gives away the Red Wings wifi password


CSS puns

Casting every data type to string so your table merges correctly

If you’re having code problems I feel bad for you son

The most satisfying part of ending a coding session

How I feel trying to use git over a bad connection


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