2014 will forever be remembered as the year eCommerce sales growth overtook retail sales growth in the United States. More and more people are comfortable purchasing items online and they’re doing so more often than ever before. If you’re in the business of eCommerce get ahead of the changing landscape and resolve to improve your online conversions in 2015 with a few key optimizations.

Reduce Page Weights

The number one conversion killer is slow page loads. Slow website performance has been well documented as the main reason for failed eCommerce conversions. Today’s online shoppers have dozens of retailers to spend their money with and they will happily order elsewhere in exchange for an improved user experience (UX). Load times are not only determined by your visitor’s internet connection. It can be negatively affected by things like large image files that take longer to serve than a compressed version would. Peruse your website’s page weights and improve its performance by shaving off kB and MB wherever possible.

Cache for Increased Performance

A second performance issue to be mindful of regarding page load times is your website’s cache configuration. Web caching is a mechanism for the temporary storing of website data on an enduser’s system to speed up the process of loading (serving) pages. This allows a customer to load your website’s pages without your server having to supply 100% of the page’s data. Parts of each webpage have already been served and are now stored in locally in a cache - reducing a page’s load time after each subsequent click. Optimize your store’s cache configuration to improve its UX and convert more often.

Just as slow load times kill conversions did you know that performance increases have a positive effect on potential customers as well? Websites with excellent performance metrics are favored by customers because of their reliability - this is the kind of shopper that will keep coming back. When it comes to conversions your store’s UX is its most important asset - be mindful of this when considering additions or edits to your website.

Convert Abandoned Carts

Conversions, and converting more often, isn’t just a performance issue. Did you know that more than half of today’s eCommerce shoppers will abandon their shopping cart with the intention of returning to complete their purchase when they have more time? Your store should use a persistent shopping cart to capitalize on these protracted conversions. A persistent shopping cart keeps track of unpurchased items left in a customer’s cart and saves the products for the customer’s next visit. Not only will this inspire confidence with the customer but it will give your store the opportunity to complete a conversion that was otherwise lost.

These are just a few items to consider when resolving to improve online conversions in the new year. Ensure you are monitoring your website’s conversion metrics and interpret the data to determine where your eCommerce store might benefit from some optimizations. Have any questions about improving your conversion rate? Contact us today.

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