In this age of video search engines, social platforms, and streaming media players video has become the medium of choice. Consumers with exceedingly short attention spans are clammoring to access the overwhelming amount of video content that is produced on the web every day. This efficient and popular form of communicating ideas is becoming essential to an engaging online user experience and has propelled YouTube to become one of the top search engines in the world.

The right video can convey a complicated message simply and quickly with very little effort made by the viewer. Did you know that video surpassed White Papers, Case Studies, and Webinars as marketers’ prefered content type in 2013?

Video Preference Is Ingrained

Video's advantage over alternative online communications is that it is a much deeper method of disseminating information while remaining easier for today's online visitor to absorb than the alternatives. Unlike static communications, video’s movement and audio draws our attention and forces a viewer to tune in. We have been conditioned through centuries to focus on movement. Video allows a website to benefit from this ingrained preference. Video navigates a viewer through its content rather than expecting a visitor to steer themselves through a static block or page.

Attention Spans Are Shrinking

Attention spans across all age ranges are shrinking and the younger a target demographic is, the more likely they are to prefer video over alternate communication mediums. The average attention span in America has dropped from twelve seconds at the turn of the millenium down to eight seconds in 2013 - a direct result of the overabundance of information available at our fingertips. With so little time to make an impact on a visitor, or to complete a conversion, it’s time to consider video as your website's communication trump card. The eCommerce tech store Newegg believes in the power of video so much that they not only have a subsite dedicated to hosting their video content but they also cross promote them on Youtube. Having this dynamic product information available online helped Newegg secure the eighth ranking in the Online Trust Alliance's 2014 Top 10 Trustworthy Retailers.

Online Sales Increase

Online shoppers who view a product video are nearly two times (1.8x) more likely to make a purchase. When a prospective customer is thinking about making an eCommerce purchase an overview video helps them understand the product better which leads to a greater chance of closing a sale. If your video includes a human being handling the product or demonstrating its use, the video’s effectiveness as a sales pitch is furthered.

SEO Benefits

By including video content on your website, its Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will benefit and bring your website’s pages or products closer to the top of search results. The big three - Google, Bing, and Yahoo! - all give search result preference to websites with video content and regularly display them ahead of pages with only static information.

Video content has surpassed static communications as the preferred information delivery method online and it shows no signs of letting up. If your website lacks video, it's time to invest and show your audience that you're committed to their preferences.

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