Chris Ewing is a Senior Web and Media Account Executive with Unleashed Technologies and has been with us since September 2014. Chris is a video post-production expert and has earned Business Degrees from Towson University. He recently sat down with us to discuss topics ranging from eBusiness to Web Design.


I graduated from Towson University’s Business School in 2004 with concentrations in Marketing and eBusiness. I was a part of Towson’s first graduating business class with an online marketing emphasis. While I was enrolled at Towson I began exploring my interest in design, development and eCommerce in tandem with a small business I was busy building when I wasn’t doing what every Towson University student does and studying.

Pong & T-Shirts

While I was finishing up my undergrad I began working towards starting a small t-shirt company in 2003 and a beer pong event company in 2005. I discovered my passion for sales, marketing and networking while my team and I were selling our t-shirts at festivals and events across the country. There’s nothing better than selling out of one of your brands at Bonnaroo. As an eager young unexperienced entrepreneur I also failed a lot but was able to use those experiences to hone my sales and marketing techniques.

In 2009 I sold my beer pong company’s trademark rights to the World Series of Beer Pong, four years after I started promoting my company’s social events at bars and nightclubs around Baltimore and Annapolis. That close was an important personal milestone for me as it validated all the hard work my team and I invested in our idea and confirmed my knack for sales - I was hooked.

Web Design, Development, and Production

While experimenting with different types of marketing strategies I began to further explore my interest in graphic and web design and development. After creating websites for my ventures I decided to further develop my talents and passion to begin a successful freelance web design career before arriving at ARINC as their Digital Media Specialist. While at ARINC I saw a need for video content in their marketing strategy. I pitched an idea to start creating short high impact videos that express an idea at a high level and quickly garner interest in a given topic - I called these Impact Videos. Impact Videos quickly took over as my main role at ARINC and I ended up making over 60 videos in four years.

The Unleashed Technologies Advantage

Earlier this year I combined my knack for sales and passion for building web and video solutions in a new career at Unleashed Technologies. I have committed myself to providing clients with web and video solutions to help organizations grow and thrive in their market places.

We have the capability to assist anyone with their web development needs. It doesn’t matter if you need a single hour or one-hundred hours of development work scheduled per month – Unleashed Technologies has a Time & Materials or Growth Package plan to get your website where it needs to be. Whether you need help planning a new website from scratch or just need intermittent upgrades to your existing website, Unleashed Technologies has a plan that will address any web development needs you may have.

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