Bringing print content online is no longer the laborious challenge it once was before Web 2.0. This is because today’s websites are more powerful than they have ever been, but, with that power comes greater expectations. Today’s website visitors expect easy content access from publishers they visit online regardless of access method or connectivity. In order to accomplish this several web development pieces need to be utilized.

With a working synchronization between a database, web server, and content management system (CMS) publishers are able to display decades of content and present it in a timely manner for anyone requesting it. By coupling content together with a high-performance web server and a responsive designed website publishers can offer its content to anyone making a request for it.

The first need is a database management system (DBMS) to handle retrieving data from storage. With a wealth of information to manage and dynamically update a DBMS is an online publisher’s best asset. The database’s table structure ensures every item of content can be located and called in the blink of an eye. Browsing a good publisher’s website is a quick and seamless process no matter how much content is stored in a database, and this keeps its visitors coming back for more.

A CMS is needed to manage the relationship between your website’s server files and your database’s content. Drupal is Unleashed Technologies’ CMS of choice for publications with a wealth of content because of its extendability and flexibility to meet almost any publisher’s need. Drupal’s powerful taxonomy functionality allows publishers to conveniently assign content to specific categories or terms and helps organize everything in an easily navigable structure. A second benefit of using Drupal’s taxonomy is that the categories or terms assigned to content help the website return better search results for queries. This is a must for publishers with tons of content that visitors often like to manually sort through. Remember, a publisher’s website is only as good as its CMS and database.

For publications adding new print content often (every day, week, or month) the use of an importer simplifies the process of adding new content and enables a single user to upload large quantities of content quickly. For one of our clients we provided their team with an XML batch importer which allows them to convert their print content into Extensible Markup Language and upload the newly formatted content directly into their database. By simplifying the (formerly manual) process of uploading new content publishers are able to manage their uploads better and ensure all of their content is accessible online.

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