Joseph Esrig is a Developer with Unleashed Technologies and he has been with us since 2013. Joseph holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University and recently sat down with us to discuss topics ranging from BASIC to Social Media.

Budding Interest

Both of my parents hold Bachelors Degrees in Computer Science and they inspired me to apply, and get accepted, into programming courses at a community college before I graduated high school. An early introduction to computers and programming languages was the first step I took towards my career in web development.


The first programming language I ever worked with was BASIC and I used QBasic to create my first computer game, a digital release of the popular board game Stock Ticker. My digital version’s functionality was never completed nor flawless but I learned many lessons developing in QBasic which opened my eyes to the world of programming.


I began working with Drupal’s content management system in 2012 as a freelancer when I was hired to assist a school in the New York area with their Drupal 6 website. I spent hours investigating and understanding the open source software in order to complete the task at hand and the research revealed to me the power and scalability of Drupal. As a Drupal neophyte I was also intrigued by the community that supported Drupal and kept its powerful functionality free and open to everyone. I have active user accounts with Drupal and Stack Exchange that I use regularly to interact with other users through their forums. This interaction has helped raise me into a Drupal Expert and allowed me to give back some of my work to the community.

Social Media APIs

Over the past year I have been working with social media APIs to better connect enterprise websites with the public. Social media functionality is incredibly important to developers because it drives traffic in a way that no medium has ever been able to do so across the internet. Without strong social media integration your website is missing out on thousands of potential visitors and hundreds of potential conversions - it has become far too important to ignore.

The Unleashed Technologies Advantage

Our developers’ commitment to producing the highest quality products is the Unleashed Technologies advantage. The development team takes the project challenges we face personally and as a group we refuse to accept anything short of perfection. We are eager to dive into technical challenges because we have the resources to tackle any problem. Our job isn’t complete until the deliverable has been proven in a production environment, and only then can we sleep at night.

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