With the number of mobile devices connecting to the internet rising everyday it is only a matter of time before more than half of the internet’s traffic will be coming from mobile devices. By the time that happens there will be hundreds of new devices and software being used to access and interact with websites like yours. When it comes to keeping mobile users happy a responsive website design is the only way to keep the growing audience coming back for more.

Responsive web design means that the website delivers a user interface (UI) appropriately scaled depending on the size of the user's screen. A responsive website scales proportionally to the screen size its files are being rendered on whether that is a 400px smartphone or a big-screen television. This flexibility means that an optimized interface can be presented to any visitor on any device. Responsive design does require a larger upfront investment but due to the wide variety of machines consuming web content responsive design actually costs less in the long term because of its adaptability. Read on for three reasons why you need to invest in responsive design right now.

Search Engines Reward It

The major search engines, like Google and Bing, favor websites built using responsive design. Responsive websites work from a single set of server files, unlike websites with separate desktop and mobile/tablet deployments, which allow search engine web crawlers to do their job quicker and more thoroughly. This cataloging ease is rewarded by the search engines in the form of a higher listing in their search results. By coupling a responsive design with comprehensive metadata your website will have a great chance of appearing on the first page of search results. A responsive design is one way to improve your website's search engine optimization (SEO) which will drive more traffic, interaction, and conversions.

Lower Bounce Rates

responsivedevicesA responsive website offers a better experience to users of any device and directly leads to a lower bounce rate for non-desktop visitors. The number one reason mobile users leave a website before moving further along into it is because of page one’s load time - when a user gets frustrated by load time they leave and rarely return. Responsive design helps alleviate these failed connections by providing every visitor with a UI custom tailored to their device. When a carefully crafted user experience (UX) is presented to a mobile user they tend to take notice and are much more likely to stick around and explore further.

It Costs Less To Maintain 

A responsive website will save an organization time and money during both development and maintenance. Once a responsive website has been developed its functionality ensures that it will react appropriately to any internet enabled device - future mobile and tablet releases included. Responsive websites allow organizations to stay ahead of hardware manufacturers and will keep websites relevant throughout the next stages of device and software development. Cisco reported that 406 million new mobile devices connected to the internet last year - is your website's design primed for the next wave of mobile devices?

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