On the second day of Adobe MAX, it became clear that there is a strong focus on the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS). However, there is a bigger story. That story recognizes that Adobe DPS has a purpose beyond coexisting with the Adobe AEM platform. Since its inception, DPS has been used in so many creative ways it has left the confines of the purely magazine/publications universe and shown value in many other areas both internally and externally to the organizations leveraging the tool.

A strong focus is placed on leveraging the Drupal platform to help populate Adobe DPS apps, reducing the work required to bring content into their corresponding apps. As it stands today there are two modules that are open source and published for the Drupal and WordPress communities to leverage.

The first is DPS Bridge which can be found on Drupal.org and the second is Folio Author for the WordPress developers out there. While it’s certain that Adobe would prefer the whole world to leverage AEM it’s a smart move on their part to recognize that DPS has a place outside of the complete Adobe ecosystem as a stand-alone product.

I’m fortunate to have attended a break out session showing the maturity of the API’s that are being provided from Adobe and how much effort has been place on reducing laborious content creation. Over the next several years it’s my sincere hope that we will see this trend continue and allow for one of the most advanced applications in digital publishing to become available to those who have already committed to a different path when it comes to enterprise content management.

If you have any questions about either of the two modules listed please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d be happy to help in making sure that your CMS + DPS integration is an outstanding success.


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