A few of us from Unleashed Technologies are attending Adobe MAX to strengthen our knowledge of the Adobe Creative Cloud and Digital Publishing Suite solutions. At today's general session, Adobe provided a visually stunning and knowledge-packed two-hour session to outline the new upgrades it's making to "combine the physical and digital design worlds". If you have a couple hours, I highly recommend that you grab some popcorn and watch the "Adobe Magic", as the company calls it, unfold. If you don't have that kind of time, allow me to recap three cool new features that struck me as game-changing. There are certainly more and I'm not even beginning to touch the surface, but these are my favorites.

Take a picture and convert to vector outlines

With a new app called Adobe Shape, you can take a picture with your phone/tablet and convert that picture into a Vector graphic. Think about this for a minute. You can draw something on paper, take a picture, and save it as a vector using Adobe Shape. Then you can bring it right into Illustrator and manipulate the drawing you just made. Using a mobile app called Illustrator Draw, you can work with the image on your iPad or Surface. Or better yet, draw your picture in Illustrator Draw, and you've got a useable vector graphic right as your fingertips. No more mouse drawing!

Mix and manipulate photos on your phone or tablet

With Photoshop Mix, you can manipulate images quickly and efficiently on your mobile devices. The simple example Adobe provided contained a landscape photo and a sunset photo. They were able to take the sky out of the landscape photo and replace it with the sky in the sunset photo with a few easy clicks. The app is focused on phones first, providing alot of "Auto" functionality to make it ridiculously easy to manipulate photos on your phone.

Adobe also demoed a feature called "Content Auto Fill". The example they provided was a picture of an elephant running through the Serengeti. The goal was to eliminate part of the picture to keep focus on the elephant. The presenter touched a spot on the photo that contained a bird, and a red tint appeared at the place he touched. He also touched a single tree branch that protruded into the sky next to the elephant. Once again, a red tint appeared above it. Then he clicked a button that sent the image up to the cloud to be processed by Photoshop. A minute later, the bird and the tree were gone, with surrounding content auto filled to give the impression that the bird and the tree never existed.

Get your assets out of Photoshop in an instant 

Have you ever cut a Photoshop document into a website design? Did you spent a bunch of time physically slicing out background images, icons, and other assets? After you stop vigorously nodding "YES!", take a deep breath and drink in the good news. With the new Photoshop, you can now choose "Extract Assets" from the menu, and every single asset in your Photoshop file will be saved to an assets folder in the same directory as your Photoshop file. Hooray!

If you're a Creative Cloud member, you can download new versions of the entire Creative Suite today, including the new mobile apps like Adobe Shape and Illustrator Draw. Enjoy!


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