As a marketer, life would be much simpler if you could simply speak directly to every person who comes to your website, ask them questions and point them in the direction they want to go, wouldn’t it? While this level of personalization might be possible, one item you should have in your online marketing toolkit is the ability to use geolocation by IP. Sounds technical, and while it does require a bit of code (JavaScript to be exact) to deploy, it can be the difference between relevance and irrelevance on your website.

IP addresses can provide a wealth of information (with permission to access it of course) that can enable you to speak directly to your prospects and provide local information that pertains to them directly. So, how can geolocation by IP help you increase conversions?

Offer location-specific content

Relevancy is the marketer’s Holy Grail. If you offer a local class or special, or have products that appeal to members of the community, with geolocation by IP, you can target that local content to those who will stand to benefit from it, increasing your relevancy and conversion rates. GPS in phones allow you to target shoppers who may be in your physical store and deliver an offer that can push them to purchase.

Localize your on-site language

Geolocation by IP is especially powerful if you have an international presence. It stands to reason that your online visitors will be more apt to purchase if you’re speaking their language. With geolocation by IP, you can automatically detect in which country a visitor is located and deliver your website content in the national language of that country.


Make it easy for online shoppers to understand how much your product will cost them by converting to their national currency by the visitor’s location.

This isn’t exactly a new technology, but it can be very powerful when you consider the steady increase of mobile devices and the need to reach your visitors where they are, when they are ready to be reached with a message or offer that is relevant to them. Have questions about how geolocation can be used on your site? Contact us today.


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