comScore recently released its Q2 2014 year over year retail spending report. In this report, the year over year spending in discretionary retail as a whole only increased by 3%. However, spending via m-commerce grew a whopping 47% in Q2 over the same period last year. Specifically, tablet commerce accounts for 46% of m-commerce spending according to this study, with a 75% year over year growth rate. M-Commerce represents 11+% of total digital commerce and is strengthening year over year as consumers become more comfortable in shopping from their phones and sites improve their m-commerce functionality.

If you have an eCommerce store, have you tried buying anything from a mobile device? If the experience is less than satisfying, here are a few considerations for improving it:

  • Design for smartphone and tablet functionality – Use GPS, click to call, swipe and pinch movements, and other functionality inherent to mobile devices to your advantage, making it easy for your customers to get what they’re looking for.  
  • Keep it fast and keep it simple – Mobile users have no patience and if you want to convert, you must keep your m-commerce site simple and loading at super-fast speeds. 
  • Accept multiple payment methods – Make your customers comfortable and payment easy by allowing them to use third-party payment options, such as PayPal. They will feel secure that they didn’t use their credit card over their phone and it will help to make payment easier by only requiring their username and password.

As we’ve said before, m-commerce is definitely here to stay. Consumers are using multiple devices to research and make purchases. Comfort levels continue to increase and if you’re an online retailer, the time is now to make sure that the mobile shopping experience is as intuitive as your desktop experience. Interested in going mobile? Contact us today to see what’s right for your site.


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