PHP 5.3 is no longer supported as of today.  5.3.29 is the very last release in the 5.3.x series.

PHP 5.3

PHP 5.3.29 is available, marking end-of-life for PHP 5.3

PHP 5.3 – Thanks for all the Fish

Migrating from PHP 5.3.x to PHP 5.4.x


Drupal.com refresh launched (check it out!)

New super-fast USB cables won’t mind which you plug them in

President Obama: No Internet fast lanes

Top 10 programming languages of 2014


PhpStorm’s Symfony2-specific features for Drupal 8

Git’s “Intent to add” feature

Design & Frontend

JavaScript – the weird parts

Pure CSS parallax scrolling websites

A beginner’s guide to pairing fonts

How other companies do CSS: Groupon, Lonely Planet, and Plataformatec


Solr for Drupal Developers, Part 1: Intro to Apache Solr

The League of Extraordinary Packages

In C#, the += operator is not merely not guaranteed to be atomic, it is guaranteed not to be atomic

Security & System Administration

The Internet hit 512K BGP routes this week, causing widespread network issues (graphs)

What is Docker? (and why it’s cool)

systemd’s network management service gets a new “networkctl” tool

The lie behind 1.2 billion stolen passwords

New releases: Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS, Wine 1.7.24

Humor & Offbeat

JavaScript: The Good Parts

git money

Learning Perl, volumes 1 and 2

Timeline of a developer’s life

Programming humor fail

Google Now gets “take a selfie” command


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