If your organization is like most, you have a to do list as long as your arm, but nowhere near enough people or resources to accomplish everything. Your website can either be a source of stress – requiring manual effort to sync data and complete work flows – or it can be an asset – automating membership updates and donation information and helping you to advance your mission on a broad scale. If your website is a lean, mean, task automating machine, read no further. If you, though, you need help to improve performance and efficiency in your online membership management, I have some thoughts for you.

Look for ways to integrate and automate. If you have to manually enter leads into your AMS or CRM, or are constantly updating your donor management, accounting, event, and marketing platforms with information you’ve received from your membership-based website, you can benefit from integrations that will enable you to automate these workflows. One of our nonprofit clients, USNI, was able to save $50,000 and saw a 400% increase in the number of member updates made each year by integrating systems and eliminating manual updates of member information.

Get control over your content. Sounds like an easier said than done sort of thing, right? Well, many CMS’s offer the ability for even non-technical people to add pages, articles, media, and other content to websites easily and without breaking anything. Drupal is a great web platform for nonprofits, especially those with a lot of content, because it allows you to not only add content, but set up workflows for who can add content, who must approve content, and what content users are able to see. You’ll not only save time and money by not having to pay someone to do content updates, you’ll also be able to streamline approval processes and bring it all into your CMS.

Enable members to maintain their own profile information. This dovetails into integration. Once you have your systems integrated, don’t keep the great work all to yourself and your team. Share it with your membership via a single-sign-on capability where members can make donations, subscribe to publications, choose their email preferences and register for events all from your website. When you make it easy for your members to update their own information, you will not only save your staff time, you will have better member data. And who doesn’t want that?

By integrating, automating, and taking control over your member-based website, subscription management, member management, and content management are eased. Ready to learn how to improve performance and efficiency for your organization? Contact us now.


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