When thinking about a new web project, many organizations are fearful when they hear the word “custom”. For them, custom means expensive. Custom modules aren’t always a time or money pit though and can be a great asset to your site if you choose your customization wisely. 

Much of the custom module development Unleashed Technologies has completed is some of the best functionality we’ve implemented on websites. There are many reasons to develop custom functionality for your Drupal site. Chief among them is to add functionality that does not currently exist in an available module. There are currently 6,512 actively maintained modules for Drupal 7, every business and web presence is different though and inevitably there is an integration or other custom functionality that requires new module development.

When deciding whether or not the effort and expense is worth it, you must consider the impact the functionality will have on your site. It should either enhance the experience for your visitors or make management of the site easier for your administrators.  We’ve developed custom modules to import content form XML to HTML, to perform critical integrations, and enable clients to manage media in new ways. These custom modules have automated highly manual processes and helped to make websites more engaging for online visitors. When deciding whether or not to made a custom module, you must ask, will it make you money, grow your influence, or save you time?

A custom module requires that you (or more likely your developer partner) maintain that module through upgrades and bug fixes. When choosing a partner to undertake development of custom Drupal work, it’s best to go with a firm that offers ongoing support to ensure that not only is your website continually progressing, but that any custom work is supported and maintained. The benefits of this extend far beyond the custom module as your site will not lose ground as web technologies advance, but rather keep up and allow you to enhance your functionality and design without requiring a full reboot of your web presence. If you’re contemplating custom module development for your Drupal site, give us a call. We’d be happy to help you understand your options and find a solution that works for your business.


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