Unleashed Technologies’ CEO Michael Spinosa and AAAS’ Web Manager Joey Spooner hosted a lively debate at the Association Media & Publishing’s 2014 Annual Meeting to discuss Overcoming the Content Management Challenge: How AAAS is Taming the Beast.

Addressing a lecture hall filled with content specialists Joey Spooner told a story many were familiar with - AAAS needed a fresh web presence for their website and its 25,000 pages. Spooner specifically needed a higher degree of control and functionality over the site and a few people in attendance chuckled in understanding when he mentioned finding pieces of content that hadn’t been updated in seven years. There were broken links between the wealth of pages and they weren’t optimally indexed nor quickly searchable - the AAAS team needed to tame the content beast.

AAAS’ digital team, lead by Spooner, brought the issue to the Unleashed Technologies team to handle moving their pages to Drupal - which would be the platform powering their new site. Unleashed Technologies ended up migrating over 16,000 content entries and improved their pages’ structure by eliminating errant code and ensuring accurate migration through the use of a custom XML importer.

Unleashed Technologies’ CEO, Michael Spinosa, outlined how streamlining AAAS’ workflow allowed the organization to better manage and organize their content through a fine-tuned Content Management System. This solution improved AAAS’ search capabilities and gave them the ability to scale easily with their content by combining Drupal with a strong new workflow process designed around user permissions and roles. By implementing this change Spooner no longer had to worry about his website’s content control between authors and the site’s management team - Drupal handles it all. Its ability to produce sequential revisions was lauded by Spinosa for organizations with large amounts of content and contributors.

The presentation turned into a back-and-forth discussion as Spinosa closed the hour-long segment. Both speakers wound up taking questions from the audience about their own content management experiences and hardships. Spinosa addressed several inquiries about Drupal, giving the audience a chance to see a potential solution to their own content clutter with the use of tools like tags and taxonomies. He spoke about the importance of customizing any Content Management System and the difficulties with using an out-of-the-box solution to meet an organization’s specific content needs.

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