If you have a publication, you’re probably already offering content online or at least seriously evaluating what it takes to get there. For most magazines, newspapers, and other publications, a simple online image of the printed version just won’t cut it. There is no way to engage members, encourage new subscriptions or manage the content. A versatile platform that helps you bring your publication to life online is essential to drive subscriptions and improve your readers’ experience. Drupal should be considered when choosing a CMS for an online magazine, newspaper, or other publication. Publications are increasingly turning to Drupal as their web platform of choice and are gaining many benefits, including the following:

  • Flexibility – Drupal is an incredibly flexible platform. It can be integrated into a wide range of third-party applications, including an XML importer that converts InDesign into HTML for the web. Drupal can also accommodate endless layouts and content types, so the sky is the limit for how you can customize the online experience for your readers. Additionally, you have the ability to offer varied tiers of access for subscribers and non-subscribers and serve up advertisements across your site to increase your revenue.
  • Work flow capabilities – Modules available in Drupal can make management of content – even articles contributed by outside authors – easier. These work flows can be customized to ensure writers and editors have access to the content they should have access to based on their role. Versioning ensures that changes can be reviewed and reversed if need be. Each editor or writer will even have their own role-based dashboard so they’ll only see what they have permission to see.
  • drupal for publicationsEnhanced engagement – Drupal handles content like a champ and what’s more it can be leveraged to suggest like content that your visitors would enjoy based on the articles they’ve read. With Drupal, your content will be very well organized and easily accessible thanks in part to the taxonomy module among others. Drupal easily integrates with social media and commenting tools and because you can control whatever content you wish with Drupal, you can also add video, images, and other media to provide added interest.

These are just a few of the benefits you can gain from choosing Drupal as your publications’ online platform. Check out this video to see how Drupal can be leveraged to turn your online publication from “meh” to amazing. Have additional questions? Contact us to learn more.

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