It's easy to get overwhelmed by the different choices available when selecting a web platform or content management system (CMS) for your nonprofit. Open source or proprietary? WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Sitecore, DotNetNuke, Kentico...which one do you choose? Hundreds of nonprofits around the world are choosing Drupal. When you leverage Drupal for your nonprofit's website, you are able to engage your members and increase awareness of your organization beyond your membership, drive contributions and volunteer activity, and increase your ability to manage and maintain online content and member information. Here's why it makes sense:

  • Open Source - Philosophically, an open source software is very much in-line with most nonprofit's missions to give back. Drupal has more than 800,000 developrs contributing members worldwide and 18,000 modules available for customization. What does this mean for your organization beyond a nice philosophy? It means that you get the work of some of the world's most talented developers, benefiting from a continually expanding and improving code base for free. Proprietary CMSs rely on the resources of one organization to update, maintain and secure their software. Hundreds of thousands of developers running more than 1 million websites, including some of the world’s
    leading government, healthcare, and banking sites, are working to improve Drupal each day. In addition to this, because of the nature of open source any work that you do on your site is yours. No licensing fees and no waiting for features to become available. If you want it, you can make it happen. 
  • Control - Drupal is highly customizable and delivers to your staff the ability to control your online content to ensure you can always be relevant to your members and deliver the content they want when they want it. Drupal allows for you to not only have granular control over the content you have on your site, but also to grant different levels of access and control so that the right content is managed by the right person with checks and balances in place to ensure accuracy. It can even allow you to manage multiple websites from one backend, making management of large web presences easier. 
  • Integration - Drupal can be connected to just about any third-party system with an API. We've integrated Drupal into a variety of Association Management Systems (AMSs) including IMPak and iMIS, CRMs such as Sugar, Salesforce.com, and CiviCRM, eCommerce management systems, event management systems, email marketing applications and much, much more. Drupal can be molded to fit your business needs, so that you can not only provide a seamless experience to your members, allowing them to sign in once to access a host of services and information across your site, but you can also ensure that member information is kept up to date across all of your systems through these integrations. 
  • Engagement - Last, but definitely not least, Drupal helps you to engage your members on many levels. It easily integrates with social platforms to keep your community abreast of your recent activity and able to share your news and content. Additionally, while your members are on your site, you can promote like content and drive donations and awareness of programs with Drupal's powerful content management capabilities. For example, we've helped nonprofits using Drupal to bring their printed magazines online so that they can now not only reach a wider audience, but also offer premium access to members and introduce them to content they might not have otherwise been aware of based on their interests. By leveraging Drupal for nonprofits, you can deliver a highly personalized experience that engages members and visitors from the general public alike - offering content that matches their interests and driving deeper engagement with your organization.

Drupal empowers nonprofits to manage and engage their membership and unlike other more rigid web platforms that restrict the amount and types of content and functionality that can be added to the site, Drupal is highly flexible and will easily scale to grow with your organization. Drupal can be used as a powerful CMS for websites for nonprofits and is worth serious consideration in your selection process. If you want to discuss whether Drupal makes sense for your nonprofit or military nonprofit, please contact us. We'd be happy to discuss your needs. Drupal might just be the CMS you've been waiting for to transform the way people experience your nonprofit online.