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With the Drupal 8 release on the horizon I wanted to point out some of the things I'm excited about, whether functionality-wise or for expanding Drupal. These new Drupal 8 features are all welcome additions!

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Inline Editing

Inline editing allows for node content to be edited without going to the edit screen.

Now you want to change some text in the body? Just click edit on the body content and you're editing. This greatly improves Drupal's user experience for content editing and will make Drupal even more appealing to those who author content that have no real website experience.


Views are now one of Drupal's core modules. As this module is used in the vast majority of Drupal sites out there this really just made sense to have this standard with Drupal.

This is going to make Drupal just seem that much more power without having to search for modules.


RESTful web services will make connecting to Drupal 8 much easier for external web services. Having a popular default web service to use will allow developers to create more and better external services for Drupal.

As a developer that has created multiple modules to handle external services I'm excited to see that Drupal now has a standardized way to communicate with other web services.

Object Oriented Programming

With Drupal 8 comes object oriented programming thanks to the inclusion of Symfony.

With the new PHP framework Drupal will now be using namespaces. This will allow developers to bring more modern practices to Drupal. As well as making code easier to maintain, expand, and reuse.


Announce is a great addition for Drupal.

Announce allows developers to give direct output to screen readers. This allows Drupal websites to be much more accessible to visually impaired. Thus increasing usability and users to sites.


CKEditor will now be available, by default, as a replacment for Drupal's default WYSIWYG. CKEditor is used for simplifying HTML editing for web content and is widely used on Drupal sites already.


Drupal 8 improves on the multilingual functionality. Add more configurations and options to these settings the experience with setting up, creating, and maintaining multilingual site will be much easier for both developers and authors.

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These are only a few of the new features of Drupal 8 that I'm looking forward to. There are other changes and overhauls in Drupal 8 that will likely be great steps forward for the progression and expansion of Drupal as a major component in the CMS world for developers, designers, and authors.

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