In today's world, social media is everywhere. Your grandmother is on Facebook, you follow your friends' vacation photos on Instagram, and you may have more than one board on Pinterest of things you'd either like to make or have. It's that last point that online retailers are starting to take note of and one that you should consider as well as you make plans for your website.

Social media feeds on websites aren't new, you have no doubt been to sites where their Twitter feed was scrolling along the side to show you the latest and greatest posts. It's about to get much more interactive though as just last week, Pinterest released a new API that allows online retailers (or anyone with a website and an audience who uses Pinterest) to integrate the increasingly popular social media platform INTO their site. This will enable your audience to see what others have found interesting on your site and engage more deeply, for now that includes:

  • Top repins
  • Most recent pins
  • Related pins
  • Most clicked-through pins
  • Pins from specific search terms

Mega retailers, such as Zappos, Target, Walmart, Wayfair, Nestle, Modcloth and others have already incorporated Pinterest into their site to increase engagement of their community and expose them to items that other members are exploring. This is a new API and Pinterest is currently working directly with partners to roll it out. The good news is that they are actively seeking partners of all sizes to partake in this efforts, so even if you aren't a mega retailer, you can sign up to test this new API. Integrating different social media platforms where your online audience is active into your site will serve to not only increase your presence on these outlets, but to engage with that audience more deeply. Have questions about how social media can be integrated into your website? Contact us today to see what options are best for your business.