Drupal Entities Last year, we explained what a Drupal entity was. We also took a look at what entity types were and some of the types Drupal core comes with. At the end of the post we were left with two questions - Could we create our own entity type and why would we do so? Let's examine those questions.

error checking with SASSAs the code we write increases in complexity, we tend to see errors during compilation. This article will address ways to check for errors and potential mistakes in our usage of these advanced topics.

user storiesUser Story Mapping or User Stories is a technique that focuses on flushing out details or use cases that are tangential to the main focus of any online activity. By applying user stories, the use case path turns into a tree with branches that comprise nuanced use cases that have varying degrees of value that can be added to the interaction.

Removing the Default Drupal Page TitleThe title field on Drupal is placed above content by default - where most designers would prefer. However, some layouts, such as those with titles within hero banners, cause the title field to be unneeded. We dive into the steps needed to remove this field when necessary.

Are You Leveraging Drupal 8's Layout API?Traditional web application development workflows often do not lead to simplicity and efficiency. Implementing component-driven development alleviates many headaches caused by these traditional workflows and offers a more streamlined, collaborative approach for both internal teams and clients.

Are You Leveraging Drupal 8's Layout API?Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) combine the features of native mobile apps with the power and flexibility of websites. This approach offers an unparalleled combination of feature and function with many unexpected benefits. Many organizations have already adopted PWAs in their mobile strategies, and soon PWAs will replace native mobile apps entirely.

Are You Leveraging Drupal 8's Layout API?Layouts API can help you gain control of the presentation of your site. In fact, we are making use of it on some of our recent projects and have appreciated the power it gives us as developers while still maintaining the ability to manipulate elements in the UI.

The Importance of Platform Integration - Part 3In the final part of this series, we will discuss the role integration plays in virtualization, resource utilization, and storage solutions. As system virtualization evolves rapidly into a common business practice, the close-fitting integration between virtualized systems and physical storage becomes more and more critical.

How to Choose Where to Work: Check the Online ReviewsConsumers regularly rely on services like Yelp and TripAdvisor for day-to-day decisions; however, restaurants and hotels are not the only recipients of the “reviews revolution”. More and more web vendor decisions are being made with the help of review platforms such as Capterra, G2Crowd, and Clutch.

The Biggest Changes In Drupal 8.4.0Drupal 8.4.0 was released on Wednesday, October 4th, and it brings many code base changes to the project. The new release improves the CMS experience for everyone from anonymous users to administrators, developers, and site builders. Whether you plan to upgrade immediately or eventually here are the biggest changes to the project.