3 Trends to Watch in Mobile Commerce | Unleashed Technologies

The number of people using smartphones to shop and make purchases continues to grow. In fact, a recent study showed that 38 million Americans admitted they shop online while *ahem* otherwise indisposed, and 9 million claim to have shopped during business meetings. With all of this mobile commerce taking place, here are some of the trends you should watch for when designing your site and delivering content to your customers:

1. Shoppers are bringing the online instore.

With the number of Wi-Fi spots worldwide climbing steadily toward one million and mobile internet users continuing to grow, shoppers are accessing more and more information from their smartphones in-store when making a purchase. A recent study from eMarketer showed that this information includes not only price comparisons, but also product reviews, in-store coupons and social media feedback. If you have a physical and online store, make sure you are providing an intuitive mobile interface as well as offering in-store as well as online discounts from your site. If you don't have a physical location, be sure that your products are reviewed and featured on the major marketplaces to keep them top of mind when these consumers are comparison shopping.

2. Sites Over Apps

More and more shoppers are expressing a preference for accessing a store via its URL in a browser than by using a native app. This is yet another reason to ensure your site's mobile shopping experience is as fine tuned and user-friendly as your desktop site. Whether you choose a responsive design or a mobile site, having an intuitive, secure, and streamlined mobile site design and checkout process rather than forcing customers to install and use an app will undoubtedly increase traffic and revenue.

3. Payment Solutions and Mobile Wallets 

PayPal is already a behemoth in the ecommerce world. As mobile commerce continues to grow, the need for an easy and secure way to complete purchases - without having to type in credit card, billing and shipping information from a tiny device - will be key. Allowing customers to use payment services and mobile or digital wallets that are backed by large companies with highly secure connections to purchase your online products will ensure that when the decision is made to purchase, it can be quickly and securely completed anytime, anywhere.

These are just a few of the many aspects of eCommerce that are changing as consumers grow more and more willing to shop and make purchases online. For your next website redesign or new development, be sure that you are accounting for this growing market. Your sales will thank you.