Nike Store Revisited - Just Keeps Getting Better

Over a year ago, I wrote a blog post analyzing the Nike Store and the design elements that make it great. After a recent shopping experience, I have found that Nike has changed its look and user experience. The store now sports a clean theme with impactful graphics and is a responsive design that adapts to any screen resolution. The new design inspired me to reevaluate the store and highlight some new elements that make this an impressive upgrade.

Clean User Interface

Nike has always taken a very clean approach with the presentation of their products and this redesign is no exception. The store color scheme is dominated with white and various shades of grey with the use of orange primarily as an accent color. This selection of color (or lack thereof) adds more focus to Nike’s incredible product and athlete graphics. Nike’s product lines always feature bright color combinations and this clean user interface allows that to be the focus. In the case of any online store deployment, the overall design should well-planned and impactful, while making the product the primary focus.

The new clean and simplified Nike store places more focus on product photos and powerful banner graphics.

Responsive & Flexible  

The new Nike store features a responsive design. Regardless of the screen resolution, the visitor will have the best possible shopping experience. Visitors with larger screens are able to see more products and product photos with minimal page scrolling while users with smaller screens are not limited in any way. As the screen size decreases, elements of the layout dynamically shift and move to allow the theme to cater to any size. The top navigation bar and sidebar accordion menu always remain in a fixed location, making the store categories and products easier to find. This is a big change from their previous fixed-width design. While much more testing and theme development is required, a responsive design keeps the proper layout and spacing intact, which allows for a consistent shopping experience for all users.

User Interaction & Social Sharing

The redesigned Nike store has also enhanced its social features. Besides the basic ability to share products to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, the store now features a new review system that allows users to comment, like or dislike product reviews. The “My Locker” feature allows the user to wishlist particular items and save customized shoes and other products. The new Nike+ section of the store allows users to purchase additional products that enable them to track training and athletic performance through their mobile devices and share those stats with their social networks. For any company looking to enhance their online shopping experience, it is important to integrate interactive features that keep customers coming back. A well-designed user account section encourages the visitor to wishlist items, customize products, write reviews and share particular products to their social networks. This not only improves the user’s shopping experience, but also allows the store to collect valuable data from the customer, such as desired products and information about abandoned carts. All of this data can be stored for future targeting.

Nike+ encourages athletes to always enterract and track their performance with Nike - not to mention buy their new Nike+ products.

Nike now has a cleaner user interface that draws the visitor deeper into their online experience and the product line in general by incorporating engaging content and placing more importance on their vibrate product lines and graphics. The enhancements made to account creation and sharing encourage shoppers to keep coming back and the responsive design enables all users to have the same shopping experience regardless of their screen size or device. As a web designer, the Nike redesign has provided me with inspiration for future projects and I know other designers and store owners will gain inspiration as well. If this article generated any questions or ideas, the team here at Unleashed Technologies would be happy to speak to you about your eCommerce designs - contact us today

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Matt Curtin, a web designer at Unleashed Technologies, became a member of the team in August 2011. Matt is a graduate of the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) with a bachelor's degree in Visual Arts and Media Communications....


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