2013 Nonprofit Marketing Trends You Need to Know

The Nonprofit Marketing Guide recently released the results of its survey of Nonprofit communicators and while the results aren't necessarily shocking, it does serve to validate that what we've seen among our clients:

  • The website is the number one communication channel for most nonprofits
  • Nonprofits are continually asked to do more with less
  • Donor acquisition and community engagement are top priorities for nonprofits

This survey illustrates the increased need for a highly engaging, integrated web presence. Since the website is the communication channel of choice, integrating it with backend systems to unify all communications (social media, email, events, etc...) will ensure a consistent experience for the community and improve productivity and effectiveness for nonprofit staff - no wonder it's one of the top initiatives that has nonprofit communicators excited for this year!

Take a look at the infographic below as it details some additional findings from the report. Is your nonprofit struggling with these challenges? What of these communication trends are most important to your organization for 2013?

Nonprofit Communication Trends, 2013

Nonprofit Communication Trends, 2013 infographic by juliareich.






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