Lessons Your Web Team Can Learn from the Baltimore Ravens

As a fan of the Baltimore Ravens, it has brought me great joy to watch the team play this year. The Ravens have faced a great deal of adversity throughout the season, yet they are preparing to face-off against the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII. Win or lose this Sunday, I am proud of this team and gain inspiration from their success. As the majority of the nation watches these teams battle this Sunday, there are many ways that these Ravens can help you to make your web team greater. Below are a few of the Ravens' winning characteristics that you can use to improve your web team.

Strong Leadership

This Ravens team possesses some strong, impactful leadership. The most obvious player to mention when discussing leadership in Baltimore is Ray Lewis. Lewis leads by example on the field by constantly giving 100% and sacrificing himself for the success of the team. He is the inspirational boost to the team and makes the players around him better. While it can be argued that he has made mistakes in the past, Lewis has improved his public image with his positive actions in the community. The Ravens are also fortunate to have several other players filling leadership roles. Ed Reed, Terrell Suggs, Joe Flacco and Anquan Boldin have all displayed great leadership this season with their performance on and off the field. In order to have success, a web team also needs strong leaders to meet tight deadlines and deliver a quality product. These leaders lead by example through their hard work and by knowing the best ways to inspire fellow employees.

Ed Reed (20) and Ray Lewis (52) have been long-time leaders of the Ravens defense. 

Will to Win

The determination and will to win that is instilled in this Baltimore Ravens team could be seen most during their playoff run. For two straight weeks, the Ravens were nine point underdogs entering an opposing stadium. With all odds against them, this team has fought their way to two huge wins on the road. Considering the injuries, tragic events, firings and the announcement of Ray Lewis’ retirement after this season, this team has a lot to fight for. A web team can gain inspiration by watching this team fight for a win. No matter how daunting the task or project, a team’s determination and spirit will get them the victory.

Effective Communication & Teamwork

Another strong quality of this team is its communication and teamwork. The Ravens, especially the defense, has suffered from injuries all year. The team has done a great job of filling the void left by these injured players. With strong communication, players have been able to come off the bench and perform at a high level. With everyone doing their part and filling their role, the Ravens are not relying too heavily on one star player to carry them. A web team consists of a large group all doing a wide variety of tasks. These tasks include project management, development, design, and testing. With everyone doing their part, the team will flourish.

The city of Baltimore and Ravens fans are excited to watch this Ravens team fight one last time this season to hoist the Lombardi trophy. A loss would be devastating, but I am proud of what this team has shown me this season. I would like to wish the Baltimore Ravens good luck in New Orleans at Super Bowl XLVII! To learn more about our team here at Unleashed, visit our team page or contact us today.

About the Author

Matt Curtin, a web designer at Unleashed Technologies, became a member of the team in August 2011. Matt is a graduate of the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) with a bachelor's degree in Visual Arts and Media Communications....


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