Recently, the Nonprofit Marketing Guide released the Nonprofit Communication Trends for 2012 (see inforgraphic below). What is interesting in this report is that the website continues to be the number one communication channel for the nonprofits polled with a full 68% reporting back that it is very important to their outreach - followed only by email. It is no surprise then that one of the top initiatives that nonprofit marketers reported as being most excited about was investing in a new website.  

With the increased competition for supporters' attention and the continued growth of social media, nonprofits today are finding that their website is the communication hub of their organizations, a place where they not only tell the online world about themselves, but:

  • Attract new followers by providing continuously updated information via online campaigns or blogs
  • Grow their email lists
  • Send supporters and volunteers for additional information when meeting in person
  • Provide links to various social media outlets so that supporters can connect how they prefer to

How would you rate the importance of your website? Do you use it as your organization's communication hub? 

2012 Nonprofit Communications Trends

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