With the continued rise of eTailing and consumer online spending, you would think that in-store (or offline) purchases would be slowing, right? Not entirely. Though online purchasing is indeed on the rise, 90% of consumers in a recent poll (illustrated in the infographic below) reported that a physical store is still very important. A new trend is emerging where consumers are researching online for purchase offline, referred to as ROPO.

More and more online eTailers are providing ROPO capabilities through their website so that their customers can enjoy all of the convenience of online shopping AND in-store shopping. So, how can you help your customers make the best purchase decision and actually make that purchase in your store? Here are a few ideas for offering your customers what they want - online and offline:

  • Store locator - Do you have one physical store? Make sure the address is prominent. More than one store? Provide store locators so that it is convenient for your customers to find the location nearest to them.
  • Maps/directions - Provide local maps and offer the option for one-click directions. If someone is researching your product offerings on their mobile device, make it easy for them to get to you!
  • Promote in-store events online - Are you having a sale at your offline store? Let those who shop online know about it, too. For those who may be browsing online, that offer could be the final push to get them through your doors.

The infographic below sheds more light on the pre-purchase habits of shoppers - are you noticing any of these trends in your eTail/retail outlets?


Thank You For Browsing: The Pre-Purchase Habits of Shoppers

by Column Five Media. Browse more infographics.

Do you have any ROLO capabilities on your site? I'd love to hear how your customers are finding what they need in your online and offline stores.