In today’s economy, saving money has given way to saving energy and resources for many. However, it is possible to do both. Data centers around the world are responsible for a staggering amount of power usage, but new technologies and practices are reducing this consumption so that their environmental impact is reduced while performance is continually optimized and costs are still kept low. Some of the key “green” components of a modern data center include:

  • DC, not AC, Power – DC power is much more efficient than AC power, reducing heat production and saving energy usually spent in cooling.
  • Ultrasonic Humidification - Reduces water consumption and uses 93% less electricity than steam canister humidification.
  • Aisle Containment – Less energy consumption and less cooling/heating costs for you as hot and cold aisles are contained to maximize efficiency.
  • Dolphin Cooling Tower purification system – Eliminates the need for harmful chemicals in the cooling system so that water can be repurposed.

In addition to these environmental best practices, many data centers – ours included – are turning to long lasting batteries, green building materials, and other efficiency programs to save energy and costs.

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