Last week, Unleashed Technologies hosted a webinar entitled, “Navigating the Cloud Hype: Get Your Questions Answered.” In that webinar, Ryan Barbera discussed the hype, but also the real benefits that companies have realized when moving their services to the Cloud. As an added value, a substantial amount of time was dedicated during the webinar to answering questions from the audience. Below I have listed some of the most intriguing questions and the answers (paraphrased from our expert) given.

How long will it take to migrate to the Cloud?

It is dependent upon the size of the infrastructure, but using VMware as we do, in most cases it can be done in real time, within a regular maintenance timeframe. Nowadays with physical to virtual migration, the time to transfer is measured in a matter of minutes rather than a matter of days. The longest part of the transition is really just the data transfer itself.

Are there any services that you think should not be hosted?

 Yes, but only very few. These are very specific, mostly older applications, which do not inherently support Cloud as a service. If you cannot get Cloud support from the manufacturer then you probably do not want to virtualize it. About 90-95% of applications being built today are fully supported and candidates for Cloud hosting.

Is there a difference between virtual and physical service security?

In terms of the end user, the answer is no. From a physical security standpoint, in most cases, it’s more secure. With virtual security we can isolate and logically separate each individual environment. Though, if a company requires a separate physical environment, dedicated servers can be used to accommodate those needs.