One of the most impressive facts that I heard this week was that the user base for Magento Enterprise has doubled since the last Imagine conference. That's explosive growth and one that has resulted in Magento representing a 20% share of the eCommerce market. The following are several of the key tactics discussed in the standing-room only sessions at the Imagine eCommerce Conference to engage online visitors and make the most of Magento:

  • Focus on the User Experience - Whether that's through mobile-enabled and optimized content, robust security and performance, or through customer segmentation and targeted marketing, Magento Enterprise has the tools you need to create a personal, impactful shopping experience for your customers. 
  • Optimize Your Site for Performance - Nothing kills conversions quite like a slow page load. The most oft cited statistic was that the average conversion rate drops by 7% per second of page load time. Over and over again throughout the conference, the need for performance hosting was expressed. Magento was labeled "a beast" that doesn't perform as well when hosted in a typical web environment, requiring a more robust hosting solution for optimal results. Further, the need to restrict cache size was also discussed (specifically to not allow it to exceed 38,000 entries) as an imperative to boost page speeds and, subsequently, conversion rates. 
  • Market to your current customers - When you consider that the odds of selling to a current customer are 50% versus the 15% odds of selling to a prospect, nurturing your customer base becomes a very high value exercise. Magento enables you to build robust customer rewards programs, analyze and segment data, and reach your customers with offers personalized to their unique interests to increase brand loyalty and drive revenue.
  • Choose a partner that works well with your company - The Magento partner program is growing rapidly and with so many partners to choose from, it can be difficult to understand how to select the right one for you. Once you have found a match for your specific technical needs and Magento expertise, it's important to be sure that you can actually work with the partner successfully. The partner should be an extension of your team, helping you to solve your web challenges and enabling you to grow. Ensuring that the lines of communication are open and that a good working relationship exists from the start will lay the foundation for success.

Magento Imagine was a great event that had valuable networking and learning opportunities. Next year looks like it will be just as exciting with the rollout of Magento 2 and the new features and functionality that are promised to help you to continue to grow your business.