One aspect of an online store that really sets it apart from others is the user shopping experience. There are several elements that can be incorporated into a store that allows shoppers to interact closely with the available items and with fellow shoppers. A deeper shopping experience will keep users involved and eager to explore everything the site has to offer. User accounts, social sharing capabilities, image galleries, product reviews and commenting, and other interactive tools create a dynamic user experience that will keep conversions high and allow a store to grow.

User Accounts

A store that allows users to create an account will guarantee return visits and multiple purchases. Customers can customize their shopping experience by adding items to their personal wishlist. Shipping addresses and previous orders will be saved, further optimizing the ordering experiences in the future. Item suggestions can be made to the shopper based on information collected in their account. By becoming an account holder, the shopper can also receive email updates regarding new product lines and products based on previous orders.

Social Sharing Capabilities

The ability for users to share products with their social media connections is vital for any store. Sharing tools can be easily integrated on product pages and allow for an entirely new level of interactivity. Users can send their favorite products to their family and friends, quickly elevating page views with little development time or effort. In the present state of the web, these social sharing buttons are an expected element by the user.

Many sites incorporate social sharing tools on their product pages (example: newegg.com). These sharing buttons can automatically grab a product link and description for a customer to share.

Image Galleries

The quality and integration of product imagery will make or break the user's shopping experience. Quite often, great product photography will convince the user to follow through with the online purchase. Development tools, such as image sliders or lightbox displays, give stores a more professional look and allow users to view several shots of a product without leaving the page.

Many online stores, including Tommy Hilfiger, incorporate several high qulity photos on their product pages. Tommy Hilfiger utilizes a zoom feature to provide the customer with more detail witout interrupting the shopping process.

Product Reviews and Commenting

The integration of product reviews is a great way to give the customer more opportunities to connect with other shoppers and the store itself. Product reviews are key during the shopping process for many customers and having them conveniently displayed on product pages allows for a better experience and higher customer confidence. Review content is dynamically created by users and involves very little moderation by system administrators.

Several of these eCommerce tools are easy to implement but really go a long way to improve the user experience and keep shoppers on the site longer. The end goal is to keep shoppers coming back The key to this is to build a store that is dynamic and flexible to a diverse group of users. Our team at Unleashed Technologies is always looking for ways to improve our clients' shopping environments and grow their businesses. Contact us today to discuss your up-coming project or to discuss ways to strengthen your current eCommerce solution.