The benefits of cloud computing are too great to overlook. Especially when it comes to having a business with multiple sites, storing and sharing data can become a very cumbersome without the aid of cloud computing. Having data at a facility designed from the ground up for redundancy minimizes the risk of data loss, while also providing the flexibility to be available from virtually anywhere on the internet. Additionally, issues such as throughput to and from the data are gone with having hosting done at a datacenter. While any random Joe can host a server to store data at an office, a cloud solution at a datacenter could have dedicated gigabit circuits, redundant power, and state-of-the-art cooling systems so that the hardware would have no reason to falter.

Migrating data from numerous sites may be a daunting task, but unfortunately there's no way around it. What's even worse is having almost no support in making that type of transition. Anyone can have their data hosted with your average 'Googleable' hosting service, but be prepared to do all the heavy lifting yourself. However, with a company like Unleashed Technologies, you can rest easy knowing that there are people that care about learning and understanding your network setup well enough to make sure that nothing is lost in the transition. Once completed, not only will you have a more safe, reliable, and simpler hosting solution, but one that is hassle-free to maintain in the future.

- Arya Godard
IT Specialist