Why Blog?

That is a very good question. Way back when, I used to think that bloggers were more full-of-themselves than having worthwhile content to deliver. Well – that impression was quickly eradicated when I saw what a conversation builder a single blog post could create and I realized how valuable an asset a blog is to a company’s core business.

There are many reasons to include a blog on your website. Here a few of them:

Reach your Clients/Customers

Whatever your business, customers and potential customers will visit your site. Having a blog allows you to easily provide news, information on new products and services, special events, and much more. A blog helps you communicate with your viewers in a timely fashion and a current blog can be a vehicle for regular communication with your customers and business community. A good blog can build a following of visitors, all of which are potential clients.

Tout Your Business

A blog allows you to talk about your business without it being a sales pitch. Blog posts can discuss your products and services, a place to brag about successes, describe how the company delivered success amidst difficult requirements, de-mystify your business, and provide a vehicle for blog readers to see the personal side of your company. Having your blog readers see the personality of your company, as well as, the personalities of the employees, is one of my more favorite aspects of a blog. I am a people person and in this technological world I like knowing:

  • the people I am working with,
  • if the company is going green or supports charities, or
  • if the employees bring humor into their work. 

Discuss Your Industry

A blog allows you to deliver and receive information about your industry. Over time it can become the place or one of several places to have an ongoing dialogue about your particular industry. This ongoing dialog only enhances your SEO results and brings more visibility to your company.

Be The Industry SME

A blog establishes your company as a subject matter expert in your field. It can be a place to provide tips and techniques that help your clients or your colleagues. It can provide short instructions on solving a specific problem or identify other sources for more details on that situation. In the end, all of this helps to establish you as the subject matter expert in your field.

Enhance Your SEO

Your blog provides free publicity through search engine results and ultimately brings more traffic to your website. The connection is simple: the more you blog, the more you increase the possibility of people of people visiting our sites.

Quantifying the value of your blog is not simple. Results of your site’s blogging may appear after the first post or it may take a few months. However, one thing is clear – having a blog enriches a website.

Two last blog thoughts:

  1. Remember to connect your social networking venues to your blog and your blog to your social networking venues.
  2. Check out our March 28th blog post for tips on creating a successful blog by Robbin Jones.

BTW - I was a child genius, I've lived in all 50 states, and I'm a picky eater. Ok, just kidding, none of that is true. But this is: I love working at Unleashed Technologies - my colleagues make me laugh and I love a good joke but am terrible at telling them.

Happy blogging,