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There are many ways in which to promote a website! The fact of the matter is you will need to get the word out somehow, especially if you have just launched a new website that did not work or look so good a month ago. New products, new store features, the list goes on for reasons why, so let’s think about how to get your online offerings into the worlds eye.

There are the traditional ways of marketing, which still apply, such as TV, radio, in-print publishing, etc. However the online options are vast! Not to mention they are growing in population every day! You could also say reaching out via the web is far more effective based on the relative user presence being only a click away versus the hope that someone remembers your site from a commercial that they heard or saw previously. Seconds count!

Create a site that appeals in appearance and user experience:

As a designer one of my first observations on a site is the impact it will have at first glance as well as the structure and presentation of the site’s content. Where I am urged to navigate and draw my attention to? Also, beware of heavy animations and graphics as much as possible unless it is imperative for your site, load times matter!

(SEO) or search engine optimization:

If this is done correctly it will optimize your website in such a way that search engines can located and share your sites information with speed and ease! This is definitely one of the root tasks that should be a priority for any website that needs good exposure!

On a related note: You can pay search engines for prime locations in their listings!

Social media integration:

The use of social media over the last few years has had a major impact on networking solutions and redirecting user focus through the use of widgets, modules and network integration. This is a must in my opinion for any website ready to be shared with the world or targeted for a specific geographical region!

Maintain a blog:

Keeping a blog current with updates and news not only builds online credibility for your website, but allows you the forum in which you can reach out to clients on a more personal level on a non-intrusive basis. This also gives you the opportunity to respond to user comments and touch base with your users.

Special offers and downloads:

Create options for users to download special software, free e-books, podcasts, webinars, special offerings, etc. These are tools that can bring your presence right into the user’s computer for quick access or keep current information prevalent in the relevant networks.

Utilize a newsletter:

Newsletters are a great way to keep visitors informed in the event that they do not frequent the site often. Promote your newsletter throughout the website giving the user multiple portals in which they can register for your newsletter.

Traditional ways to promote:

Don’t forget TV, radio, in-print publishing, etc. In the right forum, presented to the right audience, these options are still valuable assets to any marketing campaign!