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Glaucoma Center of Michigan (GCM) was in need of a web presence to highlight the accomplishments and services that they provide to the community. The pre-existing website was outdated and did not provide them with the access needed to keep the information that they share with their patients and public uses current. GCM also wanted to expand the types of media offerings and information available to online visitors. This included an educational video section and a custom dynamic educational video cell that appears on every page. The need for an online store and providing easy to access information for their three locations was also a concern.

Unleashed Technologies worked with the GCM management staff and marketing team to help determine the best possible platform for their growing and dedicated organization. It was decided that this site would be deployed on the Drupal 7 platform. This gives them the opportunity to grow with the most current technology available at the launch of the site.

When working with GCM we deduced the following major areas of focus:

  • Intuitive Interface and Content Accessibility for the Seeing Impaired
  • A Flexible Content Management System (CMS) for Basic Self-Administration
  • A Complete Re-Design and Site Navigation Restructure
  • A State of the Art Platform for Future Feature Integration
  • E-Commerce and Process Automation for Decreased Manual Administration
  • Reliable Web Hosting and DNS Management
  • Educational Media Integration

The final product delivered to GCM is a streamlined Drupal 7 deployment utilizing the latest available features in advanced user experience and content management. By working with Unleashed Technologies Glaucoma Center of Michigan was able to provide all of the major offerings back to its patients. The end result is a high impact website design built to deliver targeted information to existing and new patients. This drastically reduced costs for the organization on basic web management fees, decreased staff involvement for manual transaction related processes, and fully integrated streaming media content provided by Eyemaginations, Inc.

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