Banner ImageDrupal 7 is here and it's never been more exciting to be one of the front runners in open source content management. With the latest deployment we can visibly see vast improvement to the content management systems administrative interface making it easier to use and also to many development aspects that help increase the turn-around time on projects. I represent the business aspect of Drupal's practical applications in a non-profit and commercial capacity. When looking at Drupal 7 we see significant upgrades to the following areas:

Website Administration

The Drupal 7 back end is drastically improved helping those that have a difficult time grasping the concept of "nodes" an afterthought. The management arrangement of handling module configurations, permissions, user management, page creation, and more is significantly streamlined compared to its predecessor Drupal 6.

If you get a chance download the newest production version from Drupal.org and give it a test run. We also have demos available for individuals interested in making the migration from Drupal 6 or from a less robust content management system.

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Core Drupal & Module Updates

One of the major pushes was to help further automate the process of module updates which has been very enhanced in the newest version of Drupal 7 once configured and set-up. Perhaps one of the strengths of say a WordPress was that key-turn in place upgrade process they had for updating modules. Drupal has taken it's lessons and begun utilizing a model similar which takes a substantial amount of stress not just off of developers but those that want to keep their well supporting and common modules in place.

Due to the flexible and verbose nature of Drupal compared against it's counterparts (Joomla! and WordPress) this has been a more difficult task to tackle but Drupal with the help of it's community has implemented a terrific process for managing this.

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Permissions and Configuration Management

Permissions are now more accessible and easier to understand at the module level. For those that may not know one of the largest strengths and what makes Drupal the open source leader in social driven websites is how they manage the different users groups/types and the single source management for access rights, robust workflows and actions around each type of group. Base configuration is a snap for anyone deploying a new Drupal website in terms of specifying the general settings of your site and it's automated processes.

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How Much Easier is it... Really?

To highlight the ease of use in getting Drupal 7 I'm going to be releasing a series of blog posts on the deployment of the Unleashed Technologies new website with me at the helm of preparing all aspects of the site for theming and any development pieces that need to be extended. This series will begin it's launch next week and you'll be given a direct window into the full life cycle development of a brand new website that represents an enterprise web firm. Viva La Drupal!