Unleashed Technologies is proud to announce the launch of our newest publications/informational focused website, The Beacon Newspapers. The Beacon is a long standing organization located out of Annapolis, MD serving the Baltimore and D.C. markets with targeted information for individuals over the age of 50. After 20+ years in providing information via print, The Beacon recognized the need for a shift in focus to providing there incredibly rich and original content on the web.

As the years pass by and a new generation begins to represent an older demographic the way in which those individuals want information is rapidly changing. The Beacon Newspaper showed an incredible amount of forward thinking in creating a clear game plan with Unleashed Technologies on how this should be realized on the web. You can read the full case study here: The Beacon Newspaper.

The Beacon Newspaper Has:

  • A dynamic and engaging Drupal website.
  • An easy to use design that scales well with font adjustments.
  • Control of their website content.
  • Advanced registration functionality promoting web engagement.
  • Increase organic search presence and dramatically increased traffic.

The Future

What does the future hold for Beacon? Well immediately my mind runs to a mobile version of the website, the institution of member profiles (election only), utilization of Drupal forums for complete single spot management, and much more. Whatever it does hold we're sure that it will be forward thinking and full of value to the faithful fans of The Beacon Newspaper.