The way we use the internet has drastically changed in the last several years, moving from something that we only did on our computers to the use of mobile devices. Mobile devices capable of web browsing are almost ubiquitous now, with capable Apple, Microsoft, Android, and Blackberry devices seemingly everywhere. But as websites have become more graphically stunning and complex over the years they can become less readable on mobile devices.

Designing specifically for mobile devices allows you to make your content better accessible to mobile users. The goal is to make your content enjoyable to browse on a mobile device instead of just trying to shrink in down for mobile devices.

Drupal is an open source content management system with community tools to make your sites mobile. The Drupal module “mobile tools” provides a suite of tools to help make your site for the mobile web. It provides tools to recognize mobile browsers and allows you redirect your user to a mobile site, give them the option to view the mobile site or the full site, or to use a mobile theme. I think mobile themes is one of the best options that Drupal provides, allowing you to make a visually stimulating site for advanced mobile browsers. Drupal ends up being one of the best options for designing for the traditional web as well as the burgeoning mobile web market.