Unleashed Technologies is excited to announce the opening of our blog to industry experts that compliment our key services. As all of you know we stay very focused on bringing value driven content to our visitors so that decision makers can plan a concise strategy for getting the highest return on investment from their web presence(s). 

Ben Landers - Expert of Marketing Analytics

Ben Landers ImageI'm happy to announce that Ben Landers, President of Blue Corona has decided to offer wisdom and insightful thought into the world of organic and paid search engine marketing along with practical wisdom on returning real results on the web. We're excited to hear from Ben and have him as a regular contributor to the Unleashed Technologies, LLC blog. Please give him a warm welcome he'll be offering his first insights very shortly.

Unleashed Technologies plays a critical role in the development of commercial/non-profit websites and advanced web applications. This represents the heart of any web focused strategy for attracting new clients or retaining current ones but it was our feeling that additional development on long term external marketing would be beneficial to all of our clients. One of our partners, Blue Corona has worked with us hand in hand and brought our clients success in Statistical Analysis, SEO, and SEM endeavors utilizing our ability to create business specific functionality and lead converting websites.