What is a unified marketing platform?

A unified marketing platform basically refers to an instance where all current marketing materials share the same face in branding, style, and/or message.  A good example would be a re-branding followed by an ad campaign covering all aspects of media with the same theme or tag-line individually formatted per resource. You see many prime examples of this through large businesses and their worldwide ad campaigns. Larger companies take full advantage of custom packaging themed to match ads, websites, and special offers, so there is always that familiar presense about the company or their products. From the sample you recieve at the store, to the postcard in your mail box, to the commercial you see on TV, all pointing back to the website where the details and images are expanded in a window to their world.


Unleashing a unified marketing platform:

Unleashed Technologies provides unified marketing platforms encompassing all current forms of new media as well as print design. The first step for us is usually your website as the main online interactive presence. The website provides the most effective automation of sharing information with a client. A good website design will provide order and also suggest where to turn next as a user browses the information at hand.  Promoting this key tool and building recognition in a fighting market is the second step. Starting with the basics, we carry the theme over to business cards, letterheads, newsletters, mailers, and ads, giving you a small piece of the larger picture to seed the network with your name and identity. Some other items that could be addressed are custom designed backgrounds in all of your social network profiles, e-mailers, online newsletters, web ads, event banners and presentation forms. The list goes on and on with ways to promote your unified marketing platform!

The importance of a unified marketing platform:

The need for such an approach to a business’ presence is vital in the current market. Reaching out to new clients as well as existing clients and offering up something consistent and unified suggests the solidity of an institution. It brings forth an opportunity to scribe the memory of anyone who connects the dots from a card to a website, an entire environment created by your brand and personal presence.