On Wednesday, June 9th, 2010, it was publicly announced that Unleashed Technologies, LLC would be the strategic partner for Automated Graphics Systems (AGS) located out of White Plains, MD for co-location, web hosting, and web management. The strategic partnership came about after a synergistic relationship was found between the two organizations.

Automated Graphics Systems is a specialty/enterprise print firm utilizing the latest technology to serve as the strategic partner for companies and non-profits that regularly produce journals, books, periodicals, and much more. AGS decided to partner with Unleashed Technologies, LLC in order to gaurantee their clients the highest level of service while staying focused on print on demand (POD) technologies and new technologies that add value to their core line of services.

As a team Unleashed Technologies, LLC is excited to be part of the AGS family a sister company to the well known Consolidated Graphics, Inc (CGX) that reported just over 1.1 Billion dollars in revenue for 2009. Unleashed Technologies, LLC is excited to part of the AGS/CGX family and looks to the future with determination to provide value to AGS clients and the sister companies of AGS as well.