So I'm burning the midnight oil looking over things and arranging my day tomorrow so I can be affective after a long day of meetings when I bump into during a very interesting website; Recorded Future. Evidently based on outside sources this company has been bought by Google for an undisclosed amount of money. I was able to sign up for a free version that's extremely limited and basically offers non-configurable reports based on the industry or information you'd like to track.

I set up weekly updates for the following:

Now there was an addition option just for Technology/InfoSec related topics and I set these to alert me as they happen. This list was fairly comprehensive so I included the easiest for now and I'm showing my selection in the screenshot below.

Recorded Future Industry Tracker

To receive these email alerts is free of charge but to utilize any of the cool tools costs a $150/mo which is a tough commitment without being able to sample or demo any of them directly. At this point I've just found it so I'm not necessarily endorsing this as of yet. It seems like it makes the most sense for Analysts tasked with learning more about financial, health, or other predictive oriented industries but I can't help but wonder if this couldn't be a powerful tool for small business in any space trying to get a handle on their competition or conceivably help forecast there growth.

I'll be posting up what's sent to me via email in a follow up post for people to see what I get back and you can always set this up yourself.